Fresh Products

The products include carcass, partings and boneless with Aggroo Brand . Chicken products being marketed in several international fast food restaurant in Indonesia, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets.

Karkas Ayam (Whole Chicken)
Karkas Parting (Cut Up Whole Chicken)
Fillet Dada (Boneless Breast)
Fillet Paha (Boneless Thigh)
Dada Utuh (Chicken Breast)
Paha Utuh (Whole Leg)
Paha Atas (Chicken Thigh)
Paha Bawah (Drumstick)
Sayap Ayam (Chicken Wings)
Hati Ampela Jantung (Chicken Liver, Heart, & Gizzard)
Kulit Ayam (Chicken Skin)
Kepala Ayam (Chicken Head)
Usus Ayam (Chicken Intestine)
Telur Segar (Raw Eggs)
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