Commercial Broiler Farm

Trust Agro Foods , The Company also breeds Live Bird through commercial farms for approximately 35 days prior to harvest time with average weight of 1.3 kg 2...

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Layer Commercial Farm

TrustAgro Foods has built a strong poultry production network in central java with operation in semarang and Banjarmasin, sulawesi. Our eggs are branded under Aggroo Eggs. Aggroo Eggs are laid...

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Fresh Products

The products include carcass, partings and boneless with Aggroo Brand . Chicken products being marketed in several international fast food restaurant in Indonesia, cafes and restaurants,...

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Wholesaler & Retail Fresh

Through its subsidiary, Trust Agro Foods, the Company offers Retail Service with Staroo Brand that selling range of products ; variant of chicken Broiler Fresh , Egg and fast-food processed...

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Culinary Foods

with utoo kitchen (read : you too kitchen) brand is fresh healthy food chain store that a natural strategic extension to Trust Agro Food existing egg broiler commercial farm , food production...

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Frozen Food

Aggroo Frozen Food is a processed product made with fresh ingredients. More delicious and fast serving in 2 - 5 minutes. Suitable to be served as the main menu or as a snack at parties or other...

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